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Light Painting Events: Are you looking for something fascinating, unusual, unforgettable and maybe even a bit magical for your event? We paint with light!

Light Painting Foto Booth Event Ispo

Light Painting Events: Example from a Photo Booth Performance

Lightpainting-Fotobox Photo Booth Event Munich

Light Painting Events: Photo Booth Performance

Publikums-Lightpainting Audience Event Scifi Festival

Light Painting Events: Audience Light Painting

We create fascinating, high quality concepts for memorable Light Painting events.

Light Painting in itself is enchanting. This blend of painting and photography captivates any public’s attention, spurring curiosity as to how it’s possible to create these images ‘live’, without the use of any computer ‘tricks’. They are surprised by the possibility of painting with light.

Light Painting Events: Where the audience becomes part of the art

During A Light to Remember events, passive viewers are transformed into engaged participants. Our light painting activities allow your audience to create and be a part of the artwork, on their own or as a group. In this way, your guests will form a personal relationship with the resulting photos and consequently with your event. As these photos are shared by participants on social media, they have the potential to go viral, allowing your event to also reach others. Such was the case for our light painting event at the re:publica, which reached ‘trending’ status on Twitter.

Light Painting Events with live view

Our innovative photo technology allows your customers to watch live as the picture develops. This way they understand much easier and more intuitively how light painting works and can, if they want to, become active themselves.

Lightpainting events: Proven building blocks for your event

How is a Light Painting created??

A light painting is created by photographing with long exposure in a dark environment. The required exposure time is usually five seconds to several minutes. In this timeframe you can draw with lights in the air or “paint” on something that is immobile. We employ the latest technology to fascinate your guests with this classic photographic technique.

More information about Light Painting techniques here >>

About Us

A Light To Remember is a two-person project:

Light Painting Events: A Light To Remember

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