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How is a light painting created?

A light painting is created by the movement of lights within a dark environment, photographically captured with a long exposure time that ranges from 5 seconds to several minutes. During this time frame, it’s possible to draw with lights in the surrounding space. The camera captures the motion of the lights, transforming a performance into an energetic ‘painting’.


Light paintings: as if by Magic

Depending on the camera settings, the surrounding room may or may not be visible in the final image. Those who are producing the light paintings are usually not visible either, unless they are specially illuminated. Ultimately, all shapes, effects and signs created have a magical quality, as if they were made by invisible hands.

Light paintings: magical images without editing

Without the use of computer technology in the form of image processing, light painting is able to produce fascinating and magical effects. Light painting in itself is not a new technique (Pablo Picasso, for example, experimented with Light Painting in the 1940s), but the technical developments of recent years (such as digital cameras, LED lights, computer controlled light sticks and live-view) allow for ever-evolving forms of expression – there are almost no limits to creativity.

Light painting technique: making of

Light paintings by experienced light painting artists

Painting in the air with light is literally child’s play. However, creating high quality, expressive and unusual images requires experienced professionals and the proper technology.
We (Ulrich Tausend aka 1000lights and Bernhard Rauscher aka Lumenman) have worked with participants of all ages in a wide variety of contexts and conditions in the past years. We employ state of the art cameras and a large selection of lights, and are always open to suggestions, individual wishes and new creative input.
If you are looking for a combination of professionalism, experience and creative enthusiasm for your light painting event, you’ll find yourself in good hands with us, and can rest assured that your event will be remembered for a long time to come.

We will be delighted to assist you!

A Light To Remember – Light Painting Events

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