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With Audience Light Painting you can offer your event visitors the chance to participate in an incomparable experience. All participants will receive an LED light or use their mobile phone as light source. Then, the room is darkened and during a ten second exposure every person ‘paints’ an individual shape in the air, either separately or as part of a coordinated form.

The resulting photos fascinate guests of all ages, whilst turning passive spectators into participants within a unique performance:

Live technology for your Audience Light Painting

The technology we use enables the participants to see on a screen how each image is created in real time. You will not only see the fascinating sea of lights around you, but also how they all combine to create a unique work of art.

Individually choreographed Audience Light Painting

Taking part in a light painting session is child’s play. The impressive audience light paintings that took place during the Children’s Photography Awards prove it.
In addition to simple light paintings, where each guest paints their own design, it’s also possible to create coordinated group pictures. We would be happy to help in finding the motif for this purpose. Complex motifs are ‘mapped’ according on the location, so that they are reduced to simple instructions which participants can easily follow, similar to a stadium choreography.

Animated Audience Light Painting

Even more special results can be obtained when several light paintings build upon each other. Which we will combine into an animation. Therefore in addition to the photos you also obtain a short film or an animated GIF.

Audience Light Paintings with complex themes

Upon request, specially trained artists can take position among the participants to add more complex shapes or lettering to the image, thus enriching the final result. We also have several pixelsticks, so-called “light printers”, which we can use to include logos or graphics as part of the light paintings.


Audience Light painting creates stars

Upon request, certain participants can be specially illuminated within a group that is taking part in an audience light painting session. These individuals are highlighted in order to stand out, like the actors who took part in the audience light painting session during the premiere of the “9Volt Space Opera”.

Publikums-Lightpainting Audience Event Scifi Festival

Audience Light Painting goes Viral

With the support of professional social media planning, our audience light painting session #rp15lights for the re:publika event reached trending status on Twitter in Germany. The light painting world record went viral and was the most discussed topic. We would be happy to assist you in planning a social media strategy for your light painting event.

Audience Light Painting in 360 degrees

You can also provide your guests with the opportunity become acquainted with the 360 photo technique.
With the 360 technique you can access unusual perspectives, and guests even have the option to completely immerse themselves in the moment with the use of VR glasses, placing themselves right in the middle of the action.

Audience Light Painting at a glance


Great results can be achieved in only 10 to 15 minutes, making this an ideal activity to lighten up conferences or stage programs.


The space requirements is the size of the audience, which means that the necessary space is usually available already. Of importance: it should be possible to darken the entire room at the push of a button!


What a feeling! Each guest is an part of an artwork puzzle. The effect is enormous, and it is no problem to involve several thousand guests.

We are happy to assist with and contribute to your events with interactive light painting performances.

Audience Light Painting – A Light To Remember

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