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Painting with light! As if by magic, wild, custom-built light shapers on flashlights scurry through the dark box. Right in the middle of it you as a visitor! Only through the camera can you see what actually happened and how the image is created live in front of your eyes in the long exposure photograph. Immerse yourself in the sea of lights and create a very special picture together with our light artists.

Photo booths are a popular way to liven up events and create lasting memories for your guests. With a Light Painting Photo Booth, you can go one step further.
With the support of light painting artists, your guests will have the chance to create unique photographs, either on their own or in small groups.

Creativity knows no limits! We visualize your ideas or integrate forms or logos into the pictures with the use of light brushes.

Your guests will be the center of attention, while an individual artwork emerges around them.

Light Painting- Photo Booth with Live View

Our innovative photo technology allows guests to watch on a screen as the picture develops in real time.
Like this, they intuitively understand how light painting works and perhaps try it out for themselves and become a light painting artist.
If requested we will gladly assist in this process.

Light Painting Photo Booth on Video

Our work in action at the world’s largest sports fair, ISPO. For four days, we placed both athletes and guests in the spotlight with a Light Painting Photo Booth. Afterwards, everyone could download their pictures for free:

Light Painting Photo Booth: Instant Printout

Light Painting Photo Booth – at a glance


Time required per photo: only 2 to 4 minutes.

This makes it an ideal supporting activity during large events. Guests can participate spontaneously without any preparation and will be enchanted in little-to-no-time.


Participants per photo: 1 to 7 people.
We can each assist approximately 50 people per hour!
This activity is therefore ideal for trade fairs and events with a lot of public traffic.

Larger groups can be accommodated through our Audience Light Painting sessions.


Photo booth space requirements: minimum space of 2×3 meters.

Of course larger is better, but we can also work professionally in close-fitting spaces.

What does a Light Painting Photo Booth look like?

lightpainting fotobox lumenman

There are two types of Light Painting Photo Booths:

In both cases, the photo booth should not be positioned under direct sunlight or be brightly lit with spotlights.

At the “Performance and Visual Artists Festival” at the Harry Klein Club in Munich we realised an open lightpainting photo station directly at the dance floor.


Delight your guests and make your event stand out! Each image will serve as a reminder of your event and this fascinating experience.

Light Painting Photo Booth – A Light To Remember

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